Photography has always interested me since I read my father’s photography book. Since I purchased my first camera, I have been honing my skills with great enthusiasm and passion. I also use smartphones to take pictures and videos.
Pixelographic creates 360º and TinyPlanet photos and videos of travels, food, animals, and bits of everything. Be it in normal mode, timelapse and/or slow-mo.
I am from the Philippines but am currently living abroad. I always have my camera with me and take lots of photos wherever I go. This blog is all about my travels and experiences. 
If I had to name my style, I guess it would be ‘freestyle’.
I am also a gamer, and I play on Xbox One, WiiU and my mobile phone. I play Neverwinter, Mobile Legends, Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild, Smite and a lot more.
Hope you enjoyed the site. Thanks!!
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