The Promised Neverland

I like reading manga, and I can't really remember when I first started reading one. I normally watch animes and when I get to the latest episode, I just continue the series reading manga. However, there is one manga, whose anime I have never ever seen, called 'The Promised Neverland', written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. 

It was in early 2017 when I first came across it. I just finished reading another manga when I got bored and was looking for random ones to read. I was browsing and saw that The Promised Neverland had about 22 chapters already. I clicked it and read the first chapter. I was enjoying the story - characters being competitive, being loved by their carer and have a family to call their own even though they are orphans - until the twist in the story. I was shocked and excited and I don't know, I remember my hands shaking and just continued reading it. I couldn't stop reading it. The storyline was right up my alley. It is unputdownable. 

The plot is very unique and different from the ones I used to read. It's about Emma, Ray, Norman, and the other children in the orphanage, or so I thought at first, who were raised well, trained, educated and loved, only to end up becoming food for the citizens in the world they were in. They learned that they are on a farm and are only raised as/to be cattle. 

Although the manga is a bit brutal and violent and somewhat gory as it is in the dark fantasy, science fiction and thriller category, there are lessons to be picked up. This manga teaches you how to be resilient, persevere, work hard, trust yourself and your instincts, value friendship and family, and many more. 

Fast forward to now, I can't believe the manga has reached its ending. It is bittersweet. I am emotional. It is 3a.m here and I cannot sleep. I think this is one of the best stories I have ever read. I don't think I have read anything like this. There is a live-action to be released sometime later this year. I hope it doesn't disappoint. 

I recommend this book/manga especially to those who like science fiction and dark fantasy, and even those who want to read something new and different.  This is a really good read and will sate your cravings for a good story.

The Promised Neverland - Final Chapter