"Capture the moment in 3D" says Íris Ólafsdóttir's Kickstarter Project

Kúla has started raising money for their Deeper and Bebe 3D attachments for DSLR's and smartphones. There are different pledges, which can earn you different rewards, from every 3D photographers best-friend, a snazzy pair of anaglyph glasses right up to the full set including the Bebe, Deeper, several adapters for your DSLRs, and more. There are a lot ways to view your pictures. 


I was overly excited and jumped in the deep end, pledging for the complete set. Then later went back to look at the details of the product, also checking out Kúla's own website. I immediately retracted my pledge and messaged Íris with my concerns, and those of my Instagram buddies.

I asked if manual editing is possible, regarding the alignment and parameters. As we were concerned about the left and the right eye, as this may affect the resulting image.

Íris was quick enough to reply and clearly spell things out. 
"...the alignment is done in the software automatically and in the future the plan is to make a more advanced version where more things can be adjusted by the user..."

I decided it would be best to wait and buy the Deeper once it had been revamped, or a specific adapter for my camera was made. Reassured that the Kúla site would soon get its own store.

That said my curiosity got the better of me and I have now contributed just enough to the project to get myself a Bebe. This won't be ready until March 2015, but my trigger finger is itching to shot and I'm already planning some shots and ideas on how to use my new toy.