I posted a photo story about the fishermen at Lumra Resort a few months ago. A lot of you guys must be looking for info about the resort.

I have been a nudist for more than 7 years, though I enjoyed being nude alone the first few years. The feeling of being nude especially with nature is so liberating. I posted my thoughts about this. I did nude swimming and hiking in the Philippines and Indonesia, but it was in Thailand that I first experienced being social with other nudists. 

There are lots of several nudist resorts in Thailand but the one closer to my place was Lumra Resort. 

Lumra is actually a clothing optional resort, it means nudity is optional. It is a very simple place but very nice and you can be nude as soon as you arrive at the resort until you leave. 
Hammock at Lumra

From my experience, prior to going there, you need to contact the resort informing them of your intention to visit the resort, whether to go for a day, overnight or for several days. You need to inform them because they will arrange a taxi to pick you up when you arrive. It is quite a long walk to the resort. 

The trip from Bangkok to the resort is about 5 hours, so if you want to get to the resort at around lunch, you need to be at the bus station (Bangkok South Bus Station) not later than 7:00am. Buses run every hour or two. 

From Bangkok, you go to Bangkok South Bus Station. You can show this picture or you can say, "sai TAI mai".
Bangkok Bus Station

Then you need to the second floor (Br.E.) / third floor (Am.E), to where the ticket booths are. Go to 'Booth 93' and buy the ticket from there. You need to tell the sales staff that you want to go 'Wat Ang Thong'. When you've got your ticket, you can go the platform and wait for your bus. As of November 2013, the trip would cost you 280ThB (6.25EUR / 8.56USD). You can only book one way ticket. For the return ticket, the staff at the resort are kind enough to get it for you.

You can also get to the resort by train but I don't recommend it.

The bus collector will tell you that you are arriving, and will tell you when to get off, so you don't need to worry. When you arrive at the bus stop (Wat Ang Thong), you need to call the resort so they can pick you up.




Food was great, lots of choices and not very expensive. These are some of what we tried.


The place is full of paintings painted by the staff.

For more info about the place. You can visit their website.