I went to a Lumra Naturist Resort a few weeks ago, and it was so great. I met lots of nudists and naturists, of different walks of life and ages. I learned more things about nudism and naturism from them.

The place is so good and peaceful, the staff were so friendly, good food, and the people around the place doesn't care about you being nude. I found a place where I can be comfortable with my body.

Well, I won't be talking about nudism here and I you won't see any nude photos either. This post is about the fishermen I met during my stay.

The pictures will tell you the story.

After almost an hour, they left happy with their catch, and hopefully had a very good dinner or made some money from it. 

The pictures above are their catch. They dry it and sell them in the market. 
We use them in our food. They are called hibi/hibe or simply dried shrimp.