Only in the Philippines.

We have these slogans 'Only in the Philippines' and the 'It's more fun in the Philippines'. They are used to describe things, events and cultures in the Philippines, from the best to the worst. Almost nothing is spared, I think. But there is one of the many things that has not been noticed, and that is what I would like to share.

I have applied for teaching jobs in Asian countries hiring Native and Near-native speakers. I was offered jobs in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. They sent me application forms and some information about the company but was later disappointed when they replied that they were looking for applicants who were already in the country, or expats. They might have thought or expected I was there. Anyway, despite the replies I got, I still applied for some companies hoping to be offered a job and be sponsored by them. But still, I got the same rejection letters and replies. But one of the schools in Vietnam answered after two days I replied to their job post, that they are actually looking for Native speakers but would keep my application in case they would consider it and decide to hire me. I was glad to hear that, even though I know it was a slim chance. Disappointing, isn't it? Well, that's the price of NOT being a white skinned English loving passionate teacher.

While I was busy hunting for job offers in neighbouring countries, I was also and actually still looking for jobs in the Philippines. Doing so has been so very frustrating and much more disappointing. Why? I have been applying for teaching positions, actually 15 companies, in the last three months and have not gotten any calls or replies. Well, except for one which I am not sure if they are really going to hire me. Hoping but not expecting.

My qualifications might be in question, but I do not think it is a problem because I am confident enough that I am qualified for the jobs I have applied for. But qualified or not, they should at least reply or call or message that I am not the one they are looking for, or even a 'Fuck off', I know it is rude but at least we won't be left not having a hope in hell.

Ah well, only in the Philippines. 


  1. Not only in the Philippines! :-/
    ....but sadly, it is pretty bad there.