Everything, Anything for You

Everything, Anything for You

I know how tired you have been
Working your ass off
Securing our future.
I could never equal that.

Sorry if I keep stressing you.
I didn't mean to.
It's just that I miss you 
and I know that you feel the same way, too.

Sorry for all the troubles that I caused
I might not have understood.
Sorry if I sounded accusing
It might just be the way I am

I feel like I am taking life away from you.
You are not living the way you used to be.
I've looked at the photos
And I feel guilty.

I know you keep telling me
Not to talk like this
Not to talk about it
But I cannot help it.

I love you so much.
This is all I have.
I will do everything, anything for you.
I promise you that.

and I will smile to recharge you
Like the battery does to a phone.
For you, my love
A thousand times over.


  1. sometimes love is unpredictable. even how much we took care and cherished it, there's always been a way to test the relationship. It's okey my friend..dont give up..have faith. Just show your love and appreciate more.

    it's me ( papril )