Ultimate Freedom of Expression

..I'll just strut in my birthday suit and let everything hang loose.....

I dreamt about going to work, on my bike, buck naked. I got more stares and glares than when I had my hair. I was stopped by a traffic enforcer and was questioned but was then let go. When I got to work, the security let me in, but I had to face my manger. I had an argument with him but I won. I was allowed to work, naked. By the way I was a teacher, and my students were young adults and adults. They were inquisitive and curious but nonetheless were cool with it.

I was shocked at my dream when I woke up. I am a closet naturist actually and I'm blushing as I am writing this. I am not ready to be in public yet. I think it was my subconscious that let me see the possibilities in my dreams. 

I then browsed some videos and documentaries about naturism and nudism. Every one has their different point of views. Some were very negative about it, some were very cool with it, and some have no comments. 

The point is, it is NOT about showing your hairy ass, or showing off your clothes, or whatsoever. It is accepting yourself, accepting who you are, accepting your body, no matter what colour, size or quality you have.  Nudism will have to come a long way to be accepted. It is like homosexuality and gay marriage. But I know for sure that time will come, Naturism won't be an issue anymore.

Nudism is NOT SEX.

My partner had asked me to make a shirt for him and these are the results. I was hesitant to show the shirt at first but it made me realise that I can make a good start in promoting Naturism without shocking anybody. 



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