Time Travel

Smell is one of the most important things to me. A certain smell can remind me things in the past which I can barely recall. Or shall we say, it takes me to times in the past. It allows me to travel back to the past.

One example that allows me to do it is the floral scent that that my mother gave me. It smelled like a mixture of citrus and jasmine. Whenever I smelled it, I would always go back to the time when I played my online game at an internet cafe in my hometown. I could see me playing the game, my character at a certain point in the game. 

Another one is the incense. Though incense has different scents but the one that always takes me back is the sandalwood. It would always take me back to February 2010. Shanghai, wintry, happy and contented for the first time in my life. The first time I was with Adam. I could see me standing in his room by the window, looking outside, while he is hanging the washing.

And there is Diesel: Fuel for Life. I had asked Adam to leave me some of the perfume before he left. I have liked the smell of it as it is very subtle. It didn't make me time travel until recently. The scent would take me to the time when Adam was working here. I could see me waiting for him on the sofa while he is dressing up, drinking his Yakult, wearing his shoes, hugging and cuddling him while waiting for his taxi bike. 

Tonight, I just did it again. I could feel Adam cuddling me. I can sleep well tonight. But I cannot wait for him to come home and do it for real. 


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