Metaphoric Irony

Do not look at others' actions and judge them for the change of their disposition. Look inside them and know what made them be that way.

Some people think we have changed. And if we did, do they know the reason why? Some people would tell us that all our actions were the same except that they seemed different. We may have been lacking interest or too interesting. They would complain at how we treat them, at how we do things without caring about the others.

Like what happened at school today. Most teachers had complained about how hot their rooms were, at how the air-conditioner had been very useless. I am in a rather cold room. The teachers had wanted to transfer to our rooms, some had opened their windows, and in fact, they have requested for a new machine. The maintenance had changed the exhaust fans as some were broken. This had been going on for more than two weeks.

It wasn't solved until this afternoon. One teacher was complaining at how hot her room was while looking for a vacant room where she can transfer. Being a curious guy, I went to their room and checked their ac. I changed all the settings, turned up the speed of the fan, lowered the temperature and such. The air coming out was warm and the thermometer never went down to below 25, and 5 minutes had already passed. So, I checked the filters and they seemed ok. But when i took them to wash in the sink, Wow!! The dust gathered was as thick as a tabloid. I washed all 4 filters and when returned, the room seemed to cool down. The teachers were happy, the air conditioner was happy. Everybody was happy.

I am not telling this to brag about what I have done but to relate this in real life.

Some have though that we've changed which is similar to what happened to the air-conditioner. People would complain about us, ask us to change, change their approach to us and even some would try to fix things, which are very similar to what the maintenance and the teachers did. The tabloid-thick dust is the thing, the emotion somebody has possessed, the situation that one is in. Some of us cannot easily express how we feel. Some of us are just defeated not being able to air our emotions and are then changed.

I am like the air-conditioner. I want you all to know how I feel before asking me to change. You've also tried to change - to fit in with me. Instead, why don't you help me clean the dust in me that has been affecting my disposition, so we'll all be happy.


  1. I agree. It's a matter of how you choose the way you see things! -James Laranjo