An Affair: A realisation

While my partner is away, I am dating and seeing somebody. I am having an affair but nothing serious yet.

I have been seeing this somebody for quite some time now, and I think my partner is okay that I date with this somebody, but in moderation. To me, it has become an obsession until dating this somebody has somewhat ruined me - my disposition, attitude, personality, and even my outlook in life.

Okay, who is this somebody? I should tell you before you get the wrong idea. This somebody is the Internet

Some time ago, I would just look at my partner while he used the Internet. When he was done, I would then take his place. When I got my computer, we would be in front of our computers talking to our friends, updating our blogs, and browsing. To make matters worse, we talk online, even though we are just beside each other. Okay don't get the wrong idea here, we do have our quality time. I am just talking about the time when we are on the Internet.

Having said the things above, I should be doing it in moderation. Living on the Internet has done nothing to me, except that it made my room messy, laundry piling up, food uneaten, and lots of rubbish  to throw. It has even made me very obsessed with my partner in a negative way. My partner was right. I should not be spending all my time online, and that I should be doing things that make us both happy. Well, I guess it's about time. 

I am not saying goodbye to the Internet but I say, we're just friends and nothing serious should, could or would happen between us. After all, the Internet is the means that I and my partner can communicate these days. 


  1. Wow!.. Great post.:} Accepting the fact and being honest to our self is tough sometimes, but here it shows how true are you in telling about the effect of internet to you and your life. And I agree with your partner, you need time for yourself and to your loved one too.. Internet is always around anytime you want to go back again, is here waiting..:)

    Wish you both happiness!..:)