My Freedom of Expression

I have always wanted to be unique. In a way that I design my own shirts, though my partner helps me with the designing, too. Recently, I found another way to express it. 
It all started in April when I decided to just shave my hair, wanting to leave just the middle part. My partner thought I had gone crazy. But it ended fine.
People were looking at me strangely. Some were amazed, some were shocked, some were laughing, and I know some thought I was crazy. Haha. I loved it.
My manager and my head teacher had asked me to get rid of the style as the boss was very conservative. As an employee, I had no choice but to follow. Until this night, I went to my barber and asked him to do the style that I had been thinking for about a week now. I am satisfied and can't wait for the world to see it. Haha.


  1. Creativity can be express in several ways. This is one of the craziest ways of doing so, yet this makes me laugh every time I nail my eyes on it.Thanks for the entertainment.