I Think I'm Paranoid

Haha. Yeah. I think I am.

I don't know what happened. I came home today really down and out and feeling really crappy.Having showered, I listened to 'Gloomy Sunday'. Have you heard of that song? I think you do. Well, everything seems to be coming back when I heard the music. The time when I lived on the 24th floor, when song really made me want to jump out of the building, when my friend changed the music as he didn't like it, when I went to the toilet and just cut myself; on my back, chest and arm. I wanted to feel pain. IT MADE ME FEEL THAT I'M ALIVE, THAT I EXIST.

3 years have passed and I've forgotten that bad habit. I think habit is like smoking, they said. Others might say that they have broken their habit. I say, THEY WILL ALL COME BACK at the least unexpected moment.

I just did it again. I THINK I'M PARANOID.


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