I first heard this word when my cousin took me to a musical show 'Avenue Q'.  It means a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction when something bad happens to someone else. It is from German Schaden meaning harm and Freude meaning joy. The meaning sounds very offensive and so wrong but very true because everyone feels it. I know all of you would say that you don't feel that way but f%#k me if I say you're lying.

These situations are from the song and I know you can relate to it.
1. A good laugh when skaters fall on their asses.
2. Feeling warm and cosy while watching people out in the rain.
Now throw stones at me if you don't feel it.

I am writing this because of the experiences I had which really motivated me to share it.

When I was still studying, my teacher once told us (me and classmates) that we should be happy and not take life too seriously. He said beautiful people should be thankful to the not so beautiful. And the not so beautiful should be thankful because they have stronger will and are courageous to do something.

Life is about opposites. Rich and poor, black and white, weak and strong, happy and sad.. and a lot more.

I was a bully when I was in my elementary and high school years. I made my classmates cry and made the others laugh. But made me really feel down when it boomeranged.

Having heard the song and observed the people around me, I realised that life is a give and take situation. You bully and be bullied. You gossip and be gossiped. It's just life. But the key here is how you accept and be open enough just to laugh at it.

I remember making fun of my colleague. She had a lipstick allergy which made her mouth swollen. Have you ever had lipstick allergy? Anyway, I was mocking her and made an exaggerated Jolie pouting lips every time I talk and meet her. This went on for days until she couldn't take it and took it seriously. She wouldn't talk to me and look at me. And worse, she cursed me for that. I could've done more than mocking. I think she hasn't realised her actions. She laughs at situations, too, not just laugh, but an evil laugh. Haha. Peace friend. I just wish she would be open enough to realise these things.

I met my classmates I bullied, and they all have their stable jobs, all successful. And I looked back how I used to bully them, I saw how weak they were but were stronger now. But I said it's life. I had my time and now it's theirs. They could be laughing at me or mocking at me. But the key here is how you accept and be open enough just to laugh at it.

Laughing and not getting angry at people who mock at you take a lot of learning and patience. I learned it through experience. People have a lot of things that you don't have, and they laugh at it. Schadenfreude. But remember, you also have a lot of things that they don't have, and you can just laugh at it. Schadenfreude.


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