50 Moganshan - Shanghai's Art District

Less than 10 years old, 50 Moganshan Road, or M50 as it’s often referred to, is nothing if not modern. An old warehouse district from the 1930s, the buildings at 50 Moganshan Rd. once housed factories that made silk and calico. Up until 2000, when Shanghai art legend Xue Song moved his workroom into one of the restored spaces there, 50 Moganshan was essentially dead.

Now, 50 Moganshan is the hottest art district in Shanghai, rivaled only by Beijing’s 798 as the center of Chinese modern art. More than 130 artists, filmmakers, architects and graphic design firms now inundate the area, and a visit to this Chinese art mecca means checking out some of the most avant-garde paintings and artistic works going on in the Middle Kingdom today. (ref. http://unearthingasia.com/uniquely-far-east/50-moganshan-shanghais-art-district/)

I went to Moganshan twice. In winter and summer so you'd notice that I'm wearing shorts in the first photo and hoodie in the fourth.

We got the chance to see artists doing their art. I posed for this blog. :)

From the bridge where the village starts, you could see that you're in a very different place already. 

It was really amazing. I was in heaven. :) I like this kind of place. I'd rather stay here all day than go to malls.
They also have a lot of studios of different famous artists. Taking photos wasn't allowed so no photos. 
I wish we had this in the Philippines. It would be really great. 

I saved this one photo for last as I think it was very clever. 


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