Dolphin Island - MOAP

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park is a tropical resort and a prominent habitat for various marine mammals in Mindanao, Philippines. Located in the boundaries of municipalities of Tudela, Misamis Occidental and Sinacaban. Currently, it features a wildlife park that houses a wide array of animals, most are native Ato the Philippines. 
The main attraction is the offshore man-made island dubbed Dolphin Island, for its dolphin pens that house numerous types of Dolphin species. (ref.

After being in Cebu for 3 weeks, we decided to go to Mindanao for a trip and to visit my family to MOAP.
From Ozamis Port, we went to jeepney terminal that goes to Sinacaban. It took us 30 minutes to get to MOAP.
This is the view that welcomes you once you enter the place.

Going to the office where we had to pay for the accommodation. It is surrounded by mangroves.

This is the cottage where we stayed. They provided insect light traps or bug zapper or whatever they are called, those that has black lights which attract insects and electrocute them. You'd be numb with insect bites especially mozzies if you don't use it. They also had electric fan inside. They have air-conditioned room but we chose the one with the fan. It's much cheaper.
The room we had has a balcony and own toilet and shower. The shower was big enough for you to dance. LOL.

Having settled, we headed to the Dolphin Island.

I have seen dolphins on TVs and in the films but not the real ones. I was very excited and nervous at the same time. My partner who was scared of swimming felt the same. Though he seemed to more excited.

After paying for the life vest and the fish for the dolphins, we went to the pen and had the time of our life.
We asked one of the staff there to take photos. We didn't have waterproof cameras. :)

Feeding the dolphins. 
There were 8 dolphins.
It was quite scary because we were anticipating that dolphins might bite us. But they were very friendly like they were trained. They only took the fish and not our fingers. Haha.
My partner enjoyed it and seemed to forget his fear. But he said later that he was nervous. :)

After spending an hour in the pen, we headed to the cottage. It was really cool and peaceful, away from the busy cities. All you can hear is the noise of the waves.

On the other side of the site, you could see schools of fish. We found Nemo (clown fish) there. You can see different species of fish of all sizes.
 And they also have sea turtles. Actually we saw three and this one was the closest and bigger.

 We stayed there overnight. We bought food at the closest market. Then we left the next morning.


  1. waah..
    i wish i cud go there 1 time..

    the place is simply great,
    i'll enjoi it for sure :)