Today was very interesting as we had demo on 'Warmers' and 'Communicative Activities'.
Everybody was very open and game. They gave their opinion and suggestions. We spent the whole morning brainstorming as to what the advantages and disadvantages could be. We even gave suggestions on how to modify each activities according to the learners.

In the afternoon, we evaluated texts. It was fun because my group mates were Koreans and they always complained about the book. So I made guide questions why it was good or bad. 

Then we discussed about songs and chants. And we watched some good songs which would be good when teaching parts of speech. Specially when you're just starting it. 

And we also talked about different classroom settings. Why they were good? Why they were not good? If you were the teacher, how would you arrange your room?  3 of my classmates were very thankful because they don't have any teaching experience. 

Was quite busy during the previous days. By the way, this is our course schedule.


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