I woke up a little early today. 7am.
I had breakfast with mum and Rashid. It was very strange eating breakfast that early. :)

I left for school around 9am and when I got there, the school was still closed.
We started our class at the same time. 9:30.

The first lesson we had was learning Brazilian Portuguese. We learned introducing oneself.
A: Ola! Bom dia. Comovai?
B: Oi. Maes o menos. Obrigada.
A: Qual esou nome? 
B: Estou Amahl.
A: Mou eto prazer Amahl.
B: O prazer ou meo. Ate amanhã. Ciao.

It was so stressful but fun. We got the chance to say it in front of the class. :)
After that we had to reflect on the input.

After the break, We learned another language. This time it was Russian. It was very difficult. And we all have different ideas on what the context was. :)

During lunch, I just stayed in the classroom to finish on the homework.

In the afternoon, we discussed about the different types of learners and what's the best approach for each.
We brainstormed the whole afternoon. And we finished a bit early. But we have more jobs to do. :)

I miss you today. I want to come home with you waiting at home.. or come home together. or expect you to be home when I get home early. :)


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