Mother Mary Shrine - Simala

Before my mother left for Pakistan, my brother took us to Simala, Sibonga, Cebu.
Not knowing what to see or expect there, we left home at 7am and headed to the South Terminal Bus Station.                                    
We got there at almost 10:30am, quite a long travel. Then we hired bikes and headed to the shrine. 

I am not really a big fan of religions but I was so amazed at the architecture, the size, the location and the number of people that goes there.

Am not making fun of it but I told my brother that it does look like the Disneyland. 
At 11am, the queue was really long but I was told that it could get really long especially on Sunday and special occasions. Devotees would come to the place. You can hear mass at any time of the day. We got there at 10:30am and the next would be at 11am. 

After waiting for about 30mins under the sun, we were able to reach the hall. A lot of people were there praying, candles were lit. Candles are colour coded according to what you wanted to pray for.  

Then we passed by a guard who gives aprons or covers to those who wore shorts and sleeveless shirts. Sleeveless and shorts are not allowed. And you have to take your shoes off. You could leave it outside or carry it if you want to.

Inside, you could see people praying, on there knees, some are crying, some are writing their intentions and testimonials. Cabinets are there with testimonials inside, thank you letters and petitions, from people who were able to walk after being diagnosed by doctors that they can't walk any more, cured sick patients, students who passed their exams, and a lot more. Inside were different statues of saints and Mary which were believed to have done miraculous things.

We then took a rest inside, looking at people who were intently praying. You can see that Filipinos really believe. 


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