Today was the first day of my TESOL training and Mum and Rashid are arriving.
I woke up early today. And I mean 5am. Haha. Was it because I am excited about the class or was it because I've got visitors? Hehe. Actually Mum and Rashid arrived at 5:30. I promised to pick them up at the hi-way but they decided to take a taxi all the way here.

I cooked breakfast and tidied up a bit. I was thinking that you wouldn't like waking up that early. Hehe. You would be grumpy. (I miss you).

When they arrived, we had breakfast and Rashid used the computer and Mum was waiting to use it too. Haha. I told them not to fight. hehe.

I left home for school at 8:30. First day of school eh. Hehe. I waited for about an hour before we started. There were 4 of us but we were told that there would be 2 coming in the afternoon and 2 others might join later. We had the reading comprehension test which they took from an IELTS test so that was a bit easy. :) Then we introduced ourselves and lots of stuff we normally do during the first day of school. Then we were given our books and some notes. We finished a little bit late.

After having a quick lunch, I went back to the classroom as it was very hot outside, I got the chance to talk to my classmates. There were 2 Filipinos, including me, 2 Koreans, 1 American and 1 British. The British guy was born here but was raised in the UK so he's got the citizenship, and he said he was working with his dual nationality. He sounded American. :)

I told them I took this course to open more doors and for me to chance to travel. (To follow you easily).  The others agreed but for the native speakers, it would be very easy for them. The two Koreans said they took the test for more opportunities but they are not teaching. I think it's like an additional credits for them to get the job easily, together with the other tests they took.

After the class, the trainer talked to me about my experience in China. They call me Mr. China now. Haha.
I went home a little bit late, about 5:30pm.

When I got home, Mum and Rashid were playing scrabble. They were having fun. I felt bad for not playing with you when you wanted to play. Sorry about that.
Then we had dinner. We had fried fish and fried dried squid. Yum. Hehe.

After dinner, Rashid asked his friends to vote for my entry and I gained 40 votes in 2 hours. I told him about Sam's entry. I felt bad. We could've asked Rashid to do the PR. (public relations). I told him, nest time we join another competition, ask Rashid. :)
While Rashid was doing his thing and Mum was waiting to use the computer again, I was in the room lying and waiting for my turn. I told them to use the wifi so I could use my phone and we can talk. But I felt asleep. Rashid woke me up as I was snoring very loudly. I must be really tired. This day had been a really abrupt change in my daily routine. :) But I think I will be ok during the next days. I'll make sure I drink coffee this time. :)

By the way, sorry for not talking with you. I really didn't mean to sleep. I wanted to talk to you.
Next time.
(Are you still awake)

xoxo I love you.


  1. Babe, sounds like u had a nice day! :-)
    Hope u will enjoy ur course.

    I feel asleep too, not used to working either. lol

    I want to write you a big email about my first few days, will do it tomorrow as cannot keep my eyes open. Sorry didnt do it sooner!!

    Have been too tired to blog, best do it tomorrow too. :-D

    Miss kita.