I woke up really late today.
I think about 10am, and stayed in bed for another 30 minutes. I wanted to be lazy today. Well, I think I'm lazy everyday. Haha
I felt hungry so I had leftovers from last night. Actually it was just rice and eggs.

Having washed the dishes, I washed the towels and had a shower. (Did we have shower)
Then I just played 'Plants vs Zombies'. Alfie came by to check how I was doing. We chatted for a few minutes. I showed her the new look of the house. She said it was so spacious and airy. It didn't feel humid. 
She said she was bored and felt sleepy. I said I was, too. We agreed to go to Talamban later in the afternoon when it was not hot.

At around 3:30pm, Alfie came and said she was going to SM and not Talamban. I said to her that I would go with her. We were with her friend.

It was so crowded at SM. It was the last day of their '3 Day Sale'. Alfie bought a new phone. Samsung Galaxy Ace. It was very nice. 

I took some money from the bank for the class tomorrow, then Alfie bought me dinner at KFC. It was so nice of her.

On our way home, we bought some banana and Milo. I promised to make chonana shake. :) I coined that name. Hehe. When I was making the shake the blender broke. I think it was overloaded or overheated. Should take it to have it repaired later this week. Alfie, Don and Joyce liked the idea of having shakes. They said it was healthy and I agreed.

I went back to the house, when that bitch came by to ask a favour. She wanted to borrow some money. She said, "Can I ask a favor? (feeling shy) Can I borrow some money? Even just a thousand?" I was like what? I don't have money. How could she say that? We don't even say hi to her. That was the first time she ever spoke to us. She said ok and left. Then I heard the her child scream. Haha. She's an evil bitch. She took her anger out on her baby.

Later tonight, I went out to throw the rubbish, I looked at their house. There she was, Drinking and smoking with her brother and boyfriend. Good thing I didn't lend her money. And I wouldn't. (as if I have money) haha. By the way, the man she was living with is her brother and the man we saw with her that morning was her boyfriend.

Whew. What a neighbour. Haha.

Anyway, I have showered and written this post. Then am off to bed. 



  1. What?? Wow, what an evil woman.

    You should have said: 'Are you having a fucking laugh?'

    Make sure you get an extra lock before Rashid goes home. :-D