These are some things that happened today. :)

1. I can't stop checking the 'likes' I got from the picture that I joined for the competition. Later, I got an email from the company which runs the competition. Here is what it says, "Thanks for the photo Amahl. I guess you already shared the photo on your wall, as there are quite a few votes! If not, make sure you get your friends to vote for you!"  I feel very excited about this competition. 

2. I sent two films to your dad. I hope he likes them. :)    Maybe you can ask them what films they wanted so I can try to download and send them. I feel so happy having to do this to your family. I feel like I already belong and has been a part for a long time. :)

3. This is the most surprising thing of the day. 
I thought it was Sunday already and was very nervous about the class I'm taking on Monday. I looked at my phone and it says Saturday. I checked the calendar but it was still  March. So I stood and changed it to April. When I flipped it to the next month, I saw a note written. ♥♥♥♥♥ I flipped again and saw another note. ♥♥♥♥♥  I wanted to do the same thing but I just kept thinking that you were not leaving. I suddenly felt bad for not doing the same.

4. Area is clear of ants already and I feel very relieved. But there is one more thing that still bothers me. The neighbours mats are back again by our window. I will sleep late again and try to hide them or move them to another place. :)  hehe. Am I being bad?



  1. I love you abbe! And I love this blog!!!!!

    Keep going, please. :-)

    I suddenly miss you even more than I already did.
    I should be there for every little event.