Yesterday, after tidying up, I went to Kpelis to get the certificate.

They gave  me three copies but they were just paper. Not even a seal. and not even a sign from the Korean manager, only the HR. So it is still useless.
I think they have visa issues. :)

After that I went to the market near Cabangkalan and bought some squid for dinner. I was like 'whoa'.. hehe.. i ate like crazy. :P I left some for later tonight though.

While having dinner, I watched episode 16 of Glee. I suddenly thought you and stopped eating. But then hunger took over, so I continued eating. Don and Alfie dropped by to say hi.

I played my game and went to bed late. Around 2am, I still couldn't sleep. I miss you so much. It really feels weird. I miss playing feet fight while playing or watching something. Anyway, red ants attacked again at around 3am. So I poured bleach, acid and hot water. Then I burned them. :) hehe.. Am I that brutal?
Maybe I fell asleep around 3:30am.

I woke up today around 10am.
I checked  my facebook and I noticed 5 people liked my entry. I don't know them. I think you should join, too. I already have the picture prepared, so if you want to take part tell me then I will send you the pic.

I also got a message from your Dad saying he got the films and to keep it coming. Hehe. I think I will b e downloading films. By the way, I got Battle Los Angeles downloading now.

I will take a nap then will try to get a cheap ant spray, washing-up liquid, and box.
I might just have rice and soy sauce tonight. :)


  1. :-)

    I don't know if I can watch Glee without u! But u should finish it... hehe