September 29.
Iligan Fiesta.
Relatives from other part of the province would come and visit to celebrate. Food would be serve almost in every house.

We visited our relatives, too. Even we lived in the same city. Roy, Noel and Rachel got the chance to experience the hospitality of the Filipinos, especially Iliganons. They were very happy and surprised how warm everybody was.

They also had the chance to eat Filipino food. Especially Rachel, she was very shocked and surprised when she saw lechon. And Roy when he saw the 'sinugbang panga'
Aside from food and relatives. Rachel also had fun with puppies. She couldn't stop playing with them.

Later that afternoon, Rachel and Noel had to go back to Manila. So we had to send them to the nearest airport. Cagayan de Oro Airport. We stopped by Dalipuga to buy some bibingka and took some pictures.
When we got home, it was already dark and almost everybody was sleeping already, ready for more the next day.


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