Photoshop: Photo Restoration (My Very First Attempt)

Photoshop can restore most, if not everything, of damaged photos.

This part will teach you the basics of restoring a photo. 
You don't need  to be an expert to do this. 
Patience is needed though. 

Ps. I am using windows, so all the shortcuts and instructions are for windows user. Sorry.

This is the original photo.

Open the file and duplicate it. (Duplicating the photo enables you to edit it without losing the original. To do this you can press Ctrl+J.)
Convert the photo to grayscale. (Image>>Mode>>Grayscale.)

Duplicate again. (If in case you made a mistake, at least you won't need to start from scratch.)
Use the Spot Healing Brush and the Content Aware to fix the torn part. Set the size just enough to cover the torn part. Run it along the area. (Shortcut would be 'J' on your keyboard)

Duplicate again
Use the Healing Brush to fix the other parts. Fix the hair, clothings, background and head.
For the arm, clone the leg and use it to make an arm.

 After doing all of the above, this is what we get.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Cheers!!


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