Photoshop: Bank Note Tutorial (Housemates Republic)

How to make your own personal bank note.
Open the file and duplicate it. Then....
1. High pass. 

2. Selecting radius

3. Inverting

4. Selecting the faces

5. Open a new layer, double the width. Add a gradient.

6. Add new layer, fill with a pattern of your choice.  

7. Duplicate the background and fill the gradient with darker color and set the blend mode to overlay.

8. Add the selected heads. Edit it. I did Image>>Adjustments>>Hue and Saturation. 
9. Check colorize and adjust to hue to +25. 
10. Then sketch it to photocopy. Adjust the details. Don't worry if if turns purplish. Adjust the details and till you get some yellowish outline. Filter>>Sketch>>Photocopy.
11.Invert. (CTRL+I) 
 12 .Then repeat Image>>Adjustments>>Hue and Saturation. Steps 8-9
13. Change opacity to 88%. Your image should look like this.

14. Duplicate the edited heads and reduce the size. Change the opacity and fill.

15.Add texts. Arrange them.

16.Add shape and fill it with pattern. Change opacity to 56%.

17. Copy the image again and put it above the shape. Choose linear burn mode, opacity 88%, fill 43%.

18.Using rectangular marque tool, select a small part of the layer and fill it with a pattern. Duplicate and arrange them. It should look like this

19. Save your work. You have your personal bank note now. Cheers!!


  1. Very hard to follow, some steps you're just assuming people have certain plugins.
    "this is me doing this" isn't instructional.