Photoshop: Enhancing Photos Through Exposures (tutorial)

How to enhance photo from this                                 to       this.

I was playing with this old photo of mine and I was satisfied with result. 

4                 2                  0                  -2                -4
Their exposures

Duplicate the photo 5 times and change the exposures. Image>>Adjustments>>Exposure.
The photos are placed on top of each other using 'Overlay' Blending style. The order layers should be -4, -2, 0, 2, 4. From top to bottom. Then merge the 5 photos, it would become one and would be changed to 'Normal' Blending style. 
Change the blend style of the merged photos to 'Multiply'. Do not touch the background layer.
The result is amazing. click here to see the result. 


  1. mal, wow!!!!someday, i know magiging famous ka sa photography....i believe in you...don't be hurt na ha...coz i know you will achieve everything...