Photoshop: Changing Perspective (Tutorial)

I have a nice photo but the perspective is a bit off.
Using Photoshop CS5 'Free Tranform Tool', I managed to change the perspective to the desired angle.

It's very very simple. You don't need to be an expert to do this. I am no expert.

Here is the original photo.

Open your photo with Photoshop CS5
Duplicate it so you won't lose the original photo. Duplicating the photo enables you to edit it without touching the original.
Go to Edit>>Free Transform.
Drag the edges while pressing Ctrl button. Pressing Ctrl button enables you to free-transform. I dragged only the top-left and the bottom-left.

Then click apply. There you have it. 

This is the result. :)

I hope you enjoyed it... Cheers!!


  1. mahl you've done a great're truly an artist...keep it up!

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  4. Great post.You have explained really well.Thanks for the tutorial