Camiguin to Iligan

Day 3: To Iligan
I dread waking up early, but when traveling I can't even get to sleep.
We were both looking forward to our next destination. Iligan. 
After packing all our stuff, we went to the beach for the last time. I saw contentment in Roy's eyes. He was satisfied with the trip. I remember Roy saying he would be back. 
The rest of the day was just spent on the bus. It was already night time when we reached Iligan. We went stright to my Aunt's house.

Day 4: My Aunt's House

We stayed at my Aunt's thus saving us some effort, money and time.My Aunt had lots of plants such as orchids, dendrobiums, and plants which names I don't know. 

We just stayed there and relaxed. At midday, Roy's colleagues called. They are coming the next day. 


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