Camiguin: A Good Cheap Trip (1)

This is about a trip to Camiguin. A very very cheap one.

I went to Camiguin for the first time in 2004, when I was a student. It was for our excursion. And it was like Shangri-La. :)

In 2007, I went there again with my Korean student. He wanted to go to a place where he could relax and get away from the busy city (Manila). I suggested a lot of good places but most of them were expensive. 
Camiguin fit the budget.

We booked our ticket with Cebu Pacific two months before our flight . We got the promo ticket, just 1200PhP return each.
Our itinerary, Camiguin (2 days) and Iligan (5 days).

Day 1. Getting There:
From Manila, we flew at 10am and were in Cagayan de Oro about an hour later.
At the airport, we took some brochures and maps of Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro.
We went for a quick lunch and headed to the bus station.

Bought a ticket for Balingoan which took about 1 ½ hour. When at Balingoan Port, we had to hurry cause the ferry was leaving in 10 minutes, and it was the last of the day. 

We got to Mambajao Port at about 6pm and hired a bike to our resort.
Over a few beers and a light dinner, we talked about the places we would visit.

Day 2. Cycling Around the Island..... be continued


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